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What clients are saying:

A true escape and the rewards are lasting. Rachel is very in tune with the body and knows how to address lingering issues. It was amazing to walk away and feel  that I was able to move areas that were simply "stuck". The space is beautiful, comforting, and soooo relaxing! This is a definite body experience that you should not miss. - Diana B.

Rachel is absolutely a first rate masseuse. I've gotten many, many massages over the years, but Rachel is more skillful and more sensitive than anyone I've ever met who does this work. She's wonderful.   – Andrea Carlisle

Absolutely wonderful massages by an absolutely wonderful woman! Rachel has this calm, nurturing vibe about her that makes every massage just heavenly. I can't wait for my next :).  
– Amanda Drak

Rachel is a very intuitive massage therapist. And a good listener. At the beginning of each appointment, she tunes in to what I am looking for that day... then magically translates that into a perfect, customized massage. Thanks Rachel!  
– Janet Rhoades

All week long I think about my Thursday massage with Rachel. I like very deep work to release the tensions of the week - too many hours on the computer, lots of family demands, challenging work situations. Rachel instinctively finds the muscles that are tense. She's the best stress eraser in Portland! 
-Jodi Walder-Biesanz

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